- Our Mission -

PathCare Namibia is a private pathology practice which strives to promote the health of the population by providing accessible, affordable, appropriate and equitable quality pathology services to all Namibians.

PathCare strives at all times to provide value to our patients and supporting clinicians. We endeavour to deliver reliable results in the best possible turnaround time. We do not compromise on the high quality of our work or ethics. To this end we work together for our patients and supporters and treat each other with tact and sensitivity. PathCare is an equal opportunity employer and we reward high performing members of our staff. We regard each member as an individual with unique skills and we care about them. We have well-defined plans and goals and we support members of the practice in achieving these. We understand that job satisfaction and the wellbeing of each staff member are critical components for ensuring quality down the service chain.

PathCare is quick to respond to changes in our environment and we regard threats as unexplored opportunities.

– Purpose –

To optimise patient care through excellence in pathology services

– Values –

PathCare is proud to be one of the leading pathology practices in Southern Africa with branches throughout the region and in the process of expanding internationally. We constantly endeavour to remain abreast of new research and our vision is to remain a leader in the field of diagnostic pathology.

As a result of exposure to and understanding of the overall economic position of individuals throughout Southern Africa, we are constantly aware of healthcare costs both for those with and without the benefit of medical aid. We understand the future of pathology and our vision is to render a comprehensive and affordable service to all sectors of the community at all times.

Customer focus

  • Acknowledge patient care is our priority
  • Accessible affordable service
  • Acknowledge there are multiple customer needs, internal and external
  • We take responsibility to manage queries/complaints first time every time


Being accountable to patients, supporters and all members of PathCare by:

  • Assuring a quality service
  • Fostering a culture of performance excellence
  • Providing safe working conditions
  • Assisting motivated members of PathCare to optimize their professional growth
  • To be the employer of choice¬†


  • Acknowledge each specimen as part of a human being
  • Value everyone in the PathCare family
  • Treat everyone fairly and consistently
  • Acknowledge our interdependence and support each other


  • Professionalism
  • Uphold our values of honesty, integrity
  • Conduct our business with good governance
  • Be cognisant of our social and environmental responsibility


To be the laboratory of choice.