PathCare’s NEW Web Application Results Platform

We have a new user interface with the familiar PathProvider look-and-feel and functionality

Search parameters provide easy results lookup via patient name, laboratory requisition number, ID and DOB

Reports are available from current date back to 2011

Single specimen PDF reports for all disciplines in easy to view, read and share format

Email and SMS result to patients and clinicians

View results in cumulative table PDF

V3 PathCare Mobile Applications

PathCare Mobile App for electronic results retrieval.

PathCare V3 was developed using the latest architecture and technology to provide reliable access to pathology results, value-adding analytics and services. An agile methodology is used for rapid development and rollout of new features and the ability to respond to issues quickly.

PathCare V3 is our latest mobile results platform for Health Professionals. V3 will replace V2 on completion of the pilot and once the full V2 feature set is in place.

Features available

  • Single specimen reports, for all disciplines (pdf)
  • Cumulative clinical report (pdf)
  • Quick view cumulatives
  • Result graphs
  • Virology assistant

New functionality

  • Clinician report preferences and setting options

Coming soon

  • Push notifications
  • Electronic requesting
  • Cumulative micro reports
  • Microbiology assistant

Download the latest PathCare App for FREE from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.